[rrd-users] can't create a graph using rrdcached

Shoichi Masuhara shoichimasuhara at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 13:23:55 CET 2012

hi, nice to meet you all

i tried to create a graph image using rrdcached.
i can update remote RRD files, but i can't create a graph.
also, i can't get the last values.

i did the following:
- installed rrdtool and rrdcached v1.4.4 on CentOS5.6 Server
- edited /etc/sysconfig/rrdcached like

# Settings for rrdcached
OPTIONS="-s rrdcached -m 664 -j /var/rrdtool/rrdjournal -b
/var/rrdtool/rrdfiles -l -F"

- started rrdcached
- tried the command from PC

rrdtool last --daemon xxx.rrd

then, i got a error message

ERROR: opening 'xxx.rrd': No such file or directory

and, i exec a command including a file that does not exist,
i got another error message

ERROR: rrdcached: No such file: /var/rrdtool/rrdfiles/yyy.rrd.

i think rrdtool and rrdcached found the xxx.rrd, but i can't get graphs.
what is wrong?

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