[rrd-users] [unsure] max DS per rrd file

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Sat Apr 20 11:25:32 CEST 2013

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Subject: [unsure] [rrd-users] max DS per rrd file

> Hi all,
> What is a healthy number of data-sources for a given RRD file?
> I was considering to have 50 per file, but I have many cases where 
> logically
> it would make sense to store hundreds.

This begs for a return question...

Please explain?

> I was looking for a standard-way to scale this numbers but I could not 
> find
> a definitive guide.

That's probably because it is depending on too many variables. Your hardware 
amongst them.

> I am only looking for a one-year lifespan and I am happy for data to 
> 'blur'.
> How good/bad is it for a standard rrd file to make queries/add data with 
> so
> many data sources?

It's just more work, using more resources. More CPU, more memory, more disk.

 > Any hint to a good document is much appreciated since I could not find 
> information.
> I know there are ways to programatically create more RRD files but I am
> interested to know under which values the RRD would normally start
> misbehaving and becoming unusable (too long to respond to a query).

If you divide your data into more than one RRD, but keep updating all DSes, 
I think there will be slightly more work, not less.

I have to admit, there are people on this list with more experience with 
large scale setups. Let's hope they chime in. Also look through the 
archives, but I cannot give hints on which keywords to use.

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