[rrd-users] [unsure] max DS per rrd file

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> Thanks for your quick response.
> A bit more background information follows,
> -Some hosts have 50-60 metrics (DSs)
> -Other hosts have up to 200 metrics (DSs)
> -All metrics are different
> -Some metrics update fresh data every 5 mins, but not all of them at the
> same time

That would be a good reason to spread them over multiple RRDs, so you can 
spread out the load.

> -Updates are local to each host, same with queries, that is to say, RRD 
> file
> lives in each of the monitored machines local disk, without being shared
> with anything else.
> -Some metrics may get queried eventually, but this is far less common than
> updates. For example queries would be around the number of ten per week.
> However the query would need to scan all metrics in a given RRD file.

Maybe I don't understand what you say here. Some metrics, or all metrics are 
queried? Both statements cannot be true at the same time?

Anyway, if you query only once in a while, maybe you should think about 
reducing the number of RRAs in each RRD, and just let it consolidate at 
graph time. Yes, this will mean you will have to wait longer for your graph 
to be made, but you save processing time at every update.

No, I cannot give numbers ;)

Clipped the rest; others can do better I'm sure.

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