[rrd-users] Setting RRDCACHED_ADDRESS globally

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Jan 20 21:52:31 CET 2013

If using Apache, you can set the environment variable globally in the httpd.
conf (using SetEnv) and this is passed on to all CGI scripts.  This works
for most applications; however note that not all things will go via
RRDcached, particularly if you are not using 1.4.trunk of RRDTool/rrdcached.
You might like to make sure that the files are local as well, else things
like ‘info’ will fail which might confuse cacti.





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I've just started looking at using Cacti internally for some stuff as my
hand-rolled cgi scripts aren't the easiest to maintain. However, I've hit a
problem with caching.
Where I have remote data collection, I use rrdcached. But Cacti doesn't have
an option to add a --daemon switch or set the RRDCACHED_ADDRESS environment
variable. I've found I can set RRDCACHED_ADDRESS globally for the web server
either by adding it to the Apache config - but that breaks any rrdtool graph
calls for rrds that don't use cached.
I can try hacking the Cacti code where it builds the graph definition, but I
guess I'd need to look at the RRD path and figure out if it's handled
directly or cached - and that'll mean learning some PHP.
Any other suggestions ?

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