[rrd-users] [unsure] How rrdtool will work if there are two or more sample points in one time step

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jan 28 00:40:11 CET 2013

>I believe you say that the following two examples result in different
>example 1:
>rrdtool update $filename $time1:$rate1 $time2:$rate2 $time3:$rate3
>$time4:$rate4 $time5:$rate5
>example 2:
>rrdtool update $filename $time1:$rate1
>rrdtool update $filename $time2:$rate2
>rrdtool update $filename $time3:$rate3
>rrdtool update $filename $time4:$rate4
>rrdtool update $filename $time5:$rate5

The only way I can think of for this to be the case is if one of the $timeX variables is 'N'

If course, if the step is 300s and you're updating 5 times in 60s, then the final value stored for each datapoint will be the average of 25 samples (weighted according to the arrival times)


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