[rrd-users] Getting Max/Min values from Average RRDs?

Johan Elmerfjord jelmerfj at adobe.com
Wed Jul 3 15:35:16 CEST 2013

Hi RRD-users,

I have RRD-files with 5 years of data captured every 5 minute.
1 DataSource per file that is defined as AVERAGE , and I have no
consolidation of the data.
We want to be able to go back and look at the full resolution at any
We update around 800k RRD-files on a single server every 5 minutes.

I want to export the data with some consolidation - say daily, weekly,
monthly average numbers and want to be able to show the maximum and
minimum I had during that consolidated time-slot. (not the total max/min
of the final consolidated values).

I can implement this externally using fetch - and then do the max/min
calculations in each bucket, but I assume that this is the same thing
that RRD-tool do internally whenever consolidated DS are updated.
How can I use these functions when exporting (and graphing) data.
When graphing data the consolidation-slots are calculated based on the
data-points and available graph-resolution, so it would be nice to just
say give me the max and min as an value-array just like in a CDEF.

I have searched and searched, and made many unsuccessful tries with
different VDEF, CDEF combinations - but no luck.

Any ideas?


Johan Elmerfjord | Sr. Systems Administration/Mgr, EMEA | Adobe Systems,
Product Technical Operations 
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