[rrd-users] C API for rrdtool

Fizza Hussain 12mseefhussain at seecs.edu.pk
Wed Nov 27 12:12:18 CET 2013


I want to create and update the RRD database from a C code. For that
purpose, I have included rrd.h file in my source code and have linked the C
code against librrd library. These two steps are done perfectly. However, I
am facing some difficulties in figuring out what arguments should I provide
to the functions provided by C API? For example, rrd_create( ) function
takes an int and a char string as its arguments. i.e. {int rrd_create(int ,
char **)}.

I have previously used rrdtool via CLI and am comfortable with its CLI
commands rrdtool create test.rrd --start 90234 (and so on). Please guide me
what should be the arguments to the rrd_create( ) function provided by C


Fizza Hussain
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