[rrd-users] Can I plot a value from a shell script variable (value not in rrd file)?

Adam vonNieda adam at vonnieda.org
Wed Apr 9 16:17:49 CEST 2014

   OK, I figured out how to do that, but quickly realized that it will
just print a straight line across my graph, because to calculation does
not come from the values in the rrd file over time. I¹ll have to use a def
or cdef.


Adam vonNieda 

On 4/9/14, 9:01 AM, "avonnieda" <adam at vonnieda.org> wrote:

>   Hi folks,
>   Hopefully a simple one. I'm looking for a way to assign a shell
>to a variable that can then be plotted on the graph. Does anyone have a
>simple example of this?
>   Thanks very much,
>      -Adam
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