[rrd-users] The Y-Axis is Displaying an Incorrect Unit

mmartin mmartin at jwpepper.com
Mon Apr 21 20:39:29 CEST 2014

Hello All,

*RRDTool: *Version 1.4.7

I am using RRDTool along with PnP4Nagios to graph the results/output from
some 'service' checks I wrote. One I am currently working on checks the
CPU/Memory Usage /(*as %)/ and also the Virtual Memory and Physical Memory
/(*in Kb)/ of a specific process running on the machine. The data I send to
PnP /(*which builds its graphs with RRDTool)/ is in Percentages for the
CPU/Memory-Usage and Kilobytes for the Virtual and Physical Memory used. 

I also send the MIN and MAX values that the Physical and Virtual Memory can
be, as well as the Critical and Warning thresholds to be displayed as HRULEs
on the Graph. I do this by simply using the total RAM on the machine (*in
Kb) and the Total Swap on the machine (*in Kb) as MAX values... And
obviously zeros as the minimum values. And for the Warning and Critical
'HRULEs' I will take the percentage passed, say 20% for WARNING and 50% for
CRITICAL and get those percentages of the TOTALs and then graph those

For some reason when my data is graphed it seems like it is using one unit
too small on the Y-Axis. Where right now it is using "M" as the unit on the
Y-Axis, when it should be "G".

*For example:* Let's say I send the following data to PnP4Nagios...
	Virtual-Mem     8764Kb  1677722  4194304    0   8388608
	Physical-Mem    8792Kb  6501171  16252928   0   32505856

All the numbers above are in 'Kb'. So that data above would be 2 graphs, one
for Physical and one for Virtual. VALUE would be the LINE being graphed, MIN
and MAX will be the upper and lower limit, and WARNING and CRITICAL will be
HRULEs displayed on the graph.

*Issue:* Now the problem is on the Y-Axis the values are currently showing
the unit as 'M'. But if I convert those numbers above to Mb that is not
correct. The values on the Y-Axis, currently labeled as 'M', actually
convert out correctly but the Unit should be 'G' not 'M'. 

I read that when sending 'Kb' data as the unit for things like Memory/RAM,
you should include the /"--base 1024"/ option, but that didn't seem to
change anything. I also came acrosee the "--unit /<unit>/" option, but I get
an error when trying to use that, so I assume it's not a part of the RRDTool
version I currently have /(*ver 1.4.7)/.

Sorry if I made that a bit more confusing then it needed to be but I just
wanted to make sure I got all the information out there... Any thoughts or
suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,

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