[rrd-users] Assign RRDGraph DEF variables to external variable?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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If you wish to access the RRDTool data programmatically from PHP, then you have two options.

If you just want a few set values, you could call rrdtool using the PRINT directive to output text on stdout, and capture that, though you then have to parse the captured text.

If you want to access the entire data series, then you could call 'rrdtool fetch' or 'rrdtool xport' to obtain the data; also, you could install the PHP RRDtool library, and then access it directly from the PHP code rather than having to fork off a separate process and catch the output.  This might be the most efficient way to achieve what you want.


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Hello EveryOne,

I am constructing and executing rrdgraph command from php. A sample is as follows:

$series = "DEF:'test'='$rrd_dir/test.rrd':'sum':AVERAGE "
             ."LINE2:test#00FF00:'Test Graph' "

Now, I want the rrd variable 'test' to be assigned to an external php variable so that I can use that value for other task. How I can achieve this please?

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