[rrd-users] [GRAYMAIL] Re: Block GPRINT when values not defined?

rseiwert rob at vca.com
Wed May 14 05:39:38 CEST 2014

That sounds interesting and useful but not what we both asking for.
I would be happy with unknown dates printing nothing at all, padded to the size of the requested format. What the OP complained about was the when the value is undefined/Unknown/NaN,  strftime prints 1/1/1970 which would be correct if the date were known and it’s value was 0. For me at -5 UTC so it’s always New Years Eve (unless my disk array is going to run out of space then it’s 2014 ☹.

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So, to generalise this, what you’re asking for is to be able to do a *conditional* GPRINT, maybe by having an additional option that specifies an RPN function, and the GPRINT is only done if said RPN evaluates to non-zero?

This seems a good idea, though it is not currently possible to achieve it with unmodified RRDTool, as far as I know.

I’d like a syntax such as:

GPRINT:myvdef:My value hit max at %c:strftime:onlyif=myvdef,UN,0,1,IF

(since we do not have a NOT statement in RPN (yet) the IF is needed to revers is ‘is unknown’ test)

A secondary improvement would be (as you mentioned) for an Unknown value to print ‘never’ rather than Jan 1st 1970.


Steve Shipway
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