[rrd-users] How to plan RRD creation from previously acquired data?

gschanuel gabriel.schanuel at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 23:30:07 CEST 2014

Hello Steve and Simon

I did a script to change the data format and looks like it all worked fine.
I will work later on heartbeat to ensure everything is OK.

Thanks a lot for your help

2014-09-11 7:49 GMT-03:00 Simon Hobson [via RRD Mailinglists] <
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> gschanuel <[hidden email]
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> > I guess there is something to do with archives or step.. but I really
> have
> > no idea!
> The problem is the heartbeat (plus the format already mentioned).
> Your new RRD is expecting data spaced by (at most) 600 seconds - while
> your data is spaced a LOT wider than that. You'll need to set your
> heartbeat to "longer than the period between updates" while you import the
> data. WHat will happen then is that when an update comes in, all the
> buckets from the previous update to the new one will get filled in -
> instead of what happens now which is that they get filled with NaN as the
> interval is too long for the heartbeat.
> After import, you should be able to tune the heartbeats back to a normal
> setting.
> Alternatively, you'll need to write a program that "fills in the blank"
> and does multiple updates spaced not more than heartbeat apart.
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