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Jimmy Patel jimmy at Brocade.com
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Thank you for the response. After testing 14all, I noticed that any interval less than 1min caused the png update to be prolonged. When I keep the 14all graphing interval to be 1min, everything works fine. I would like to get finer intervals so I am now using Routers2.cgi. Unfortunately, I am not able to get the png images of my graphs to show on my browser. I can see the graphs in my /var/www/graphs directory and they are being updated but for some reason these graphs are not showing on the browser. I have checked the routers2.conf file and the graphpath matches the directory. The graphurl is /graphs but if I change it to /var/www/graphs nothing happens. I have also checked the permissions on the .png's and the browser should be able to get the images so I am not quite sure on what the issue is.


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The 14all script will normally give you a 'daily' graph, which will have the stats rolled up to 5min intervals, and so will update every 5min.   All MRTG-created RRD files support the standard daily(5min), weekly (30min), monthly (2h) and yearly(1d) RRA granularities, though you can set the interval itself lower or higher.

If you want to have the stats at a higher granularity - such as the 30s granularity you have configured your RRD for and are running MRTG at - you will need to customise it.

The Routers2 frontend will spot a shorter interval, and will enable an additional graph called '6 hourly', which uses a 1minute interval.  I;ve not tested how RRDTool behaves with a 30s RRD, but RRDTool may well use the 30s interval as this is what is available and so your '6h' graph would have the higher granularity in this case.

If you want to use 14all, you may be forced to modify the code in order to support this more detailed graph, or write custom rrdcgi scripts.


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Hello, I am using MRTG with RRD tools to view my network statistics. My Interval for MRTG is ":30" and my script is running every 30seconds. I know that my RRD is being updated every 30sec but my statistics on the 14all.cgi are not being updated on that interval. I want the .png graphs to be updated on the interval but it is taking 3-5minutes to show the plots on the graphs. Any help would be tremendous.

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