[rrd-users] perfdata not correctly parsed ?

Nicolas - rrdtool rrdtool at chirgui.eu
Mon Jan 12 09:33:57 CET 2015


I'm using rrdtool in centreon, trying to graph the output of the 
check_snmp_storage.pl plugin.

Perfdata is correct, according to me :


According to the perfdata guidelines 
(https://nagios-plugins.org/doc/guidelines.html#AEN200), the UOM is 
correct :
  10 : UOM (unit of measurement) is one of:
    d : B - bytes (also KB, MB, TB)

But the graph displayed has divided the values by 1024/1024. See my 
question on this forum for pictures :


I then modified the plugin so that it outputs raw values, the new 
perfdata is the following :


But now, the graph doesn't recognize the values (too big ?), as it says 

What solution do I have now ?


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