[rrd-users] perfdata not correctly parsed ?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jan 12 11:51:33 CET 2015

Nicolas - rrdtool <rrdtool at chirgui.eu> wrote:

> I then modified the plugin so that it outputs raw values, the new perfdata is the following :
> '/mnt/disk1'=4354426724352B;5110741642076;5220650064486;0;5495421120512
> But now, the graph doesn't recognize the values (too big ?), as it says "-nan'.

I'd be tempted to have the perfdata output as MB, but with no units (ie just the number). Thee days, it's hard to find a hard disk who's size (in bytes) isn't a very large number !

Also, remember that you need to allow up to a couple of step periods before you have valid data. If you'd just increased the numbers by 2^20, that's a big step and may well have exceeded the upper bounds on rate - or if there had been a gap there may well have been unknowns in the database. So allow at least 2xstep value (assuming you have a consolidation @ 1step resolution) before expecting valid data.

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