[rrd-users] Graphs not flushing

Jason Gauthier jgauthier at lastar.com
Thu Jul 16 23:29:32 CEST 2015


I recently configured rrdcached.    I'm using this in conjunction with Nagios performance monitoring, and a pnp4nagios frontend.
Currently, I have rrdcached  with a -w of 120. I'd like to push this out, but my graphs (which are updated per minute) are not flushing when I asked for them.

When I review my stats I see this:

echo STATS | nc localhost 8888
9 Statistics follow
QueueLength: 0
UpdatesReceived: 9469086
FlushesReceived: 0
UpdatesWritten: 1299651
DataSetsWritten: 9451560
TreeNodesNumber: 3634
TreeDepth: 14
JournalBytes: 0
JournalRotate: 49

FLUSHALL also seems to be ignored:

echo FLUSHALL | nc localhost 8888
0 Started flush.

echo STATS | nc localhost 8888
FlushesReceived: 0

I'd really prefer the files to flush when the graph is requested, as the documentation indicates.  Any suggestions or idea why they are not?

(Current version is 1.5.3 on Debian linux)

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