[rrd-users] How to find a grafics error?

Peter A. Menzel prot_from_spam at famenzel.at
Wed Jun 10 12:09:11 CEST 2015

  my cgi output for the monthly periode seems to have errors (in detail: see attached image).
  As you can see on http://hk1.famenzel.at/cgi/hk1.cgi the output for the last week ("letzte Woche") is ok (continued graphs for the temperatures), but shown interrupted in the monthly graph ("letzter Monat").
  Also the pump indicators ("HK1Pumpe", "HK3Pumpe" aso) show some activity in this graph and the yearly one ("letztes Jahr"). This seems to be wrong too.
  How can I find the source of the problem?
  Thank you and BR
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