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This is expected behaviour.


‘Rrdtool fetch’ will return the raw data, using the RRA that most closely approximates the requested data resolution.  So, if you request a resolution of 3600, and only have a 300 RRA available, then this will be used.  However, if you have a 3600 RRA then this will be chosen.  In addition, RRDTool will ensure the time window is fully covered before selecting a resolution; so you need to be careful of fencepost errors where only the last sample is unavailable at your selected resolution and so it fails back to a lower granularity RRA.  The graph function, on the other hand, will perform on-the-fly aggregation and calculation to generate a data set  in the required resolution before graphing.


If you want to have the data pre-aggregated, then either ensure that a suitable RRA exists in the RRD, or else use ‘rrdtool xport’, which is like the graph function but returns the data instead (after calculation and aggregation if necessary)




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I'm looking for documentation on rrdtool library. I'm actually using it through PHP and PECL project. I'm using function rrd_fetch() to grab data from a specific .rrd file.

I can see that 'resolution' parameter is not respected (as rrd_graph is doing) : RRD seems to find the most accurate resolution available, but returns the raw data. For example, if I have data with resolution =60 and I request resolution =3600, data is not aggregated, and I have one row every minute instead of one per hour.

First, I want to know if this is an expected behaviour. In that case, it means that rrd_graph is doing this aggregate itself. Is there a way to ask rrdtool to do the math for me ?



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