[rrd-users] Graph NaN Values

Manzke, Udo Udo.Manzke at gkvi.de
Tue Nov 24 09:29:36 CET 2015

Hi Simon,

thanks for your help. Without / it works fine.

>I don't think INF is likely to be what you want, (according to the docs) it draws a line along the top of the graph which (depending on the data) may or may not be readily distinguishable >from steady data - it wouldn't be how I'd want to draw it anyway. Personally I'd just accept the gaps in the graph which (IMO) is more meaningful - for ping, no response is indistinguishable >from "response outside the timeout window".

Your right, this was an example i found but didn't worked. I think the best is to set if there is NaN display timeoutvalue and if there is a value display 0. Using the colour red it is clear that this is no real value.

CDEF:unknownpos=rt,UN,timeout,0,IF, \
LINE1:unknownpos#ff0000:"Timeout Reached" \


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