[rrd-users] Database creation using rrdcached

Steve HICKS unicsonline at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 15:07:39 CET 2015


I am currently working to adapt my local usage of rrdtool to be able to
deal with the advanatges of rrdcaching, which is a great addition.

A little question about database creation:

My scripts fails to create dbs when I force them to used remote rrdcached,
and it appears that a problem of syntax:

I was using '--start' and '--step' to indicate starting date and tep used,
but using rrdcached ONLY '-b' and '-s' are accepted by rrdcached.

Why? :)

Thanks a lot to you ;)

PS:I am using version 1.5.5 of rrdtool/rrdcached
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