[rrd-users] since when rrdtool tune can add another DS?

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Thu Oct 15 17:07:33 CEST 2015

Tobias Oetiker píše v Čt 15. 10. 2015 v 14:36 +0200:
> Hi Peter,
> in the 1.5 series there is a much better solution for the whole
> 'modify rrd' problem ... create has the ability to pre-populate a
> new rrd file based on an existing one ...

I've read about the new create ability but not about the new tune

> the stuff in rrd_tune is obviously a merge error, stuff being
> documented before it was ever implemented.

It doesn't need to be a merge error - the online documentation is for
the latest 1.5.4 so I know it is implemented in the 1.5.4. But I don't
know since when it is implemented and I need to choose which Debian OS
I'm going to install to get the desired functionality. Jessie, the
current stable, has RRD 1.4.8. Is it enough or do I need to backport RRD
from Stretch (testing) where is the 1.5.4?

It sounds like it's in the 1.5 series only but I wanted to be sure
before reinstalling the OS, you know :)



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