[rrd-users] RRD was created on anther architecture - new install

Jon McGugan jon at mcgugan.co.uk
Fri Feb 12 12:43:13 CET 2016

I have searched the lists but all I can find is people trying to move to a new architecture. I am 
trying to install and run from scratch.
Platform is Ubuntu 14.04 AMD
The problem occurs when I try to run snm
I have installed the rrdtool package and get the error
I have downloaded the rrdtool source, compiled and installed and still the get the error.
I suspect it is something to do with the RRDs.pm file which isn't rebuilt when I compile the 
source. But I am new to this so it is just a guess. without the RRDs.pm snm says RRDs isn't 
Help appreciated.

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