[rrd-users] Changing the start and end times for daily (step=86400) consolidation?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Tue Jun 28 06:33:12 CEST 2016

>> AFAIK it's a known issue with no easy solution. I think the only
>> workarounds have involved > fiddling with the timezone to fudge things.
> Oh, bother. I was hoping that my use case was common enough that there was
> an option I was just missing.
> So it looks like I have to set TZ=UTC and munge the timestamps on insert
> so
> that when I insert at (say) 5:00PM PDT I'm actually inserting 5:00PM UTC.
> Handling Daylight Saving will be a pain, though - I'll have to switch
> between UTC and UTC+1 (or UTC-1) when generating charts depending on the
> day
> of the year.

The problem with that: ... 05:57 05:58 05:59 05:00 05:01 05:02 ...
When DST ends, one hour is repeated. Similarly one hour is missing when
DST kicks in.
You can't change timezone halfway a graph, so this will bite you two days
in a year.

Don't know, didn't test this, just as an idea:
Would it work to create an artificial timezone which is similar to
the British timezone, but DST happening at 5am on the American days?


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