[rrd-users] combine linear and logarithmic scale

Patrick Rother krd at gulu.net
Sat Oct 22 10:16:07 CEST 2016

Dear rrd users.

I'm using rrd for years, but for a special case I now need a feature
I didn't find any solution for, i.e. combination of linear and
logarithmic scale at the same y-axis.

I have three different kinds of graphs in the same image. Some are
strictly limited to values between 0 and 10, others have typical
values between 0 and 2, and another ist normally around 10 but
sometimes up to 300 or 500.
If that happens, the small values are no longer visible in the image.

I would like to have an y-axis with evenly spaced numbers between 0
and 10, and a logarithmic style continuation, so that all graphs can
be read in the same image. It doesn't have to be mathematically
exact, so any solution that does display the values correctly per
scale is sufficient.

Is there any existing feature to achieve this?

Thank you!

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