[rrd-users] Trying to graph with two different resolutions in same graph doesn't work.

mmclure manuel at mclure.org
Wed Jan 25 19:27:13 CET 2017

I haven't seen any other replies to my original post. Since this is not a
mission-critical application (just tracking information from my rooftop
weather station) I didn't push on it.

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 2:51 AM, thlu [via RRD Mailinglists] <
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> I am having the same issue trying to plot the same datasource in different
> resolutions in the same graph.
> If I eg. have
> 'DEF:p1=data.rrd:power:AVERAGE:step=3600'
> 'DEF:p2=data.rrd:power:AVERAGE:step=300'
> p1 and p2 will both be plot using step=300. It seems that it is always the
> smaller step value that is used in both plots. If i take a copy of data.rrd
> and use the two different, but identical, files in the DEFs I get the
> expected result.
> Is it possible to do and what am i missing?
> I see no answers to this post. mmclure: did you find any answers yourself?
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