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David david at infotrek.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 02:30:44 MEST 2002

Hi all,

I just did an install of 1.7 and copied config and data files (var/) from
another machine which was running 0.9907. I updated the config file by
adding piddir and unison_tolerance.

The data seems to be okay in the summary graphs, but if I try to view an
actual target page, I get the error "ERROR:  World.Europe.UK has no probe
defined" (or whatever the parent target group was). Someone had mentioned
this means a missing probe= line but I do have one immediately after ***
Targets ***

I have the latest rrdtool and fping, setuid root as follows:
-rwsr-x---    1 root     smokepin    70092 Apr 14 18:41 /usr/local/sbin/fping

The daemon runs as smokeping.smokeping and the webserver runs as
www-data.www-data (tried changing the file permissions, same problem)

I attach the config file with most of the targets removed for brevity.

Secondly, and this has been a problem in the earlier version too, every
time I modify the config file I get an Internal Server Error on the next
pageview and the following in the error log:

[Sun Apr 14 20:16:24 2002] [error] [client] malformed
header from script. Bad header=</div>:

I'm running SpeedyCGI though the previous server was running perl
directly and also had this problem, with the error bad header=</pre>


|> /+\ \| | |>

David Croft

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