[smokeping-users] Re: smokeping graphs stop generating

Jeff Foster jfoste at woodward.com
Thu Aug 29 17:36:51 MEST 2002

I have that rpm, but I think that smokeping is using the copy I built
from the source (fping 2.4.2_to). I seem to remember trying both copies
after the problem started and both failed. For now I will continue with
the built copy and test with both copies if it fails. Then I will restart
the machine networking and switch to the rpm copy.

I'll send an update when I know more.

Thanks for the response,
Jeff F>

From: Andy Harrison [mailto:andy.harrison at bbc.co.uk]

> Hi Jeff,
> The kernel version i'm using is 2.2.16-22 on RedHat 7.0. After having
> problems similar to yours i resorted to installing fping via the
> fping-2.4b2-2.i386.rpm installation. Looking at my graphs for the past few
> weeks, all have been generating successfully. I'm not sure if Redhat was
> fault or the Fping source that i originally used, but its working at
> Andy
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> From: Jeff Foster [mailto:jfoste at woodward.com]
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> > I'm no expert, but this sounds suspiciously like a problem with TCP/IP
> > rather than smokeping.
> I have the same problem with smokeping and fping. I'm running Redhat 7.1 
> with a 2.4.2 kernel and fping 2.4.2_to. 
> Once the ping to the site fails fping can't ping the site anymore. I fping
> the site outside of smokeping and it will also fail. Ping works fine.
> I used tcpdump to check the network traffic on the computer and it shows
> the ping request packets. However a sniffer monitoring the router ethernet
> port doesn't see the packets.
> I don't know enough about the Linux network stack to point my finger at a
> specific section of the code. It is very interesting that the packet is 
> visible to tcpdump but doesn't seem to make the wire.
> Jeff Foster

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