[smokeping-users] Re: DNS failures

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sun Jan 27 23:19:11 MET 2002

Today Hal Burgiss wrote:

> While playing with the new color stuff, and restarting smokeping many
> times, DNS disappeared for one the routers I was tracking. This causes
> smokeping to fail to start. So after a few minutes, I had to comment
> out that one from the config.

OK 0.99.16 is out ... it will just warn not bomb now

> So, would it be possible for smokeping to print out an error, and then
> just ignore the offending host, rather than abort completely? (I know
> I could use IPs, but a few I track might be subject to changes so I'd
> prefer hostnames.)
> Secondly, after DNS came back, and I restarted, I had huge, fat spikes
> for that one with a red line at the top of the grid for 100% loss. Is
> there anyway in this circumstance to differentiate and just to show a
> gap? Just a thought...

hmm this is strange ... my ADSL links go off and on all the time ...
there should be no spikes if all packets drop ... spikes should
only occure if some packets get through ... I am at a loss here ...

look at
as an example



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