[smokeping-users] Re: Contribution attempt to Smokeping

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 17 15:58:11 MEST 2002

Today Yannick.Delmont at atosorigin.com wrote:

> Hi Tobias,
> As you've guess, I use Smokeping to monitor response time of my network.
> And I have written a piece of perl code in order to be able to send email
> alert when the number of packets loss exceed a threshold.
> I would be very happy if it could help you because it's the first time I
> have tried to contribute to a free software ;=)
> So please have a look at this code.
> It's a sort of add-on to Smokeping. Indeed, it aims at working with fping,
> analyzing it's output and then responding the same way. So to test it, you
> just have to replace your fping binary by a script like this one :
> /bin/fping $* 2>&1 | /bin/smokeping_alert
> and modify your smokeping.cfg to point to the script instead of the fping
> binary.
> Of course your advices are very welcome and I am ready to make changes to
> this code and to maintain it.

Hi Yannick,

Cool that you are joining the free software world ... As to your
code, threshold checking has been requested by others for
smokeping, so your contribution would certainly be welcome ...

as for the actual code, I think it needs some more work.

Ideal would be if the code was integrated in smokeping, and for the
configuration it should be configurable on a global level and then
maybe disabled per target ...

it should be possible to define several alert patterns.

*** Alerter ***

"++++____"      email at address   "Broken"
"___+"          email at other     "Online"

Smokeping would then try to match these patterns against the last
few ping attemts. + meaning successful attempt, - meaning
unsuccesfull attempt.

When it gets a match, it sends the mail

RRDs::fetch can be used to pull this information from the rrd files

what do you think ?


when a pattern matches a mail is sent
* when a machine has been unavailable for a configurable number of
  steps, an alert should be sent.
> Regards,
>      Yannick

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