[smokeping-users] Using echoping to monitor several webservers

Lightfoot.Michael Lightfoot.Michael at comcare.gov.au
Thu Mar 21 01:02:23 MET 2002

I am trying to monitor three webservers using echoping and the HTTP probe

I have tried several different configurations, mostly wild guesses as to how
it *should* be done, but have either had smokeping refuse to co-operate with
my config :-) or have one of the webservers not being probed.

Here are the relevant parts of my config:


menu = Top
title = Comcare Network Latency Grapher
remark = Welcome to the SmokePing Latency Grapher at Comcare. \
         Shows the latency of various network connections.

timeout = 1
waittime = 1
udp = no
size = 510
tos = 0xa0
priority = 6

+ Comcare
menu = Comcare Internal
title = Comcare Internal Network
probe = FPing


+ WebServers

menu = Web and Proxy Servers
title = Web and Proxy Servers
probe = EchoPingHttp

++ WWWComcare
menu = Comcare Webserver
title = Comcare Webserver
host = proxy.comcare.gov.au

ignore-cache = yes
force-revalidate = no
port = 8080
url = http://www.comcare.gov.au/

++ WWWIntranet
menu = Intranet Webserver
title = Intranet Webserver
host = intranet

ignore-cache = yes
force-revalidate = no
url = /
port = 80

++ WWWDev
menu = Dev Webserver
title = Development Webserver
host = localhost

The Intranet webserver is not being probed (all graphs are NaN).  If I
include any of the stuff under PROBE_CONF into the relevant host's config I
get an error such as "ERROR: /usr/local/smokeping/etc/config, line 207:
unknown variable 'url'".  If I try another nested PROBE_CONF I get a nesting

I am obviously misunderstanding the hierarchy of the config and the way
variables are inherited.  Can someone enlighten me?

One other minor problem.  I have a host which is not in the DNS and needs
pinging (with FPing).  When I include it's IP address as the host variable
it is not probed.  Is there a way around this?  Do I need to escape some of
the characters?

Michael Lightfoot
SysIX Unix Systems Consulting
02 6258 8185
michael.lightfoot at canb.auug.org.au

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