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Lightfoot.Michael Lightfoot.Michael at comcare.gov.au
Fri Mar 22 01:15:29 MET 2002

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> From: Niko Tyni [mailto:ntyni+smokeping-users at mappi.helsinki.fi]
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 11:02:23AM +1100, Lightfoot.Michael wrote:
> > 
> > I am trying to monitor three webservers using echoping and 
> the HTTP probe
> > module.
> The PROBE_CONF section always concerns the target one level higher in
> the tree. This is quite counter-intuitive, but there weren't too many
> possibilities with the current config file format.
Aaah!  Thanks for that.  Sometimes I wish I were a better perl programmer
and could work things out for myself.  ;-)
> Kind of strange. There's one obvious mistake in the config
> (comments below), but I think the host 'intranet' should be probed 
> with port=80 and url=/, which seems to be what you want.
Now the Intranet server is being probed, but the dev webserver (on the
smokeping machine) is not.  I suppose it's kind of pointless looking up your
own anus, but I'm partly doing this for management stats as well as for
assisting in network diagnosis.

> Try it with 'smokeping -debug', the EchoPing module will tell you what
> commands it runs. 
I'll try that later today if people would simply go away and stop bothering
me - I hate Fridays.  :-)

> > ++ WWWComcare
> > menu = Comcare Webserver
> > title = Comcare Webserver
> > host = proxy.comcare.gov.au
> > 
> > ignore-cache = yes
> > force-revalidate = no
> > port = 8080
> > url = http://www.comcare.gov.au/
> This concerns the whole WebServers branch, not only the WWWComcare.
OK.  I'll move it up above the main webserver and lose the specific stuff.
Will this get rid of the error I keep getting when I try to add port = and
url = to the actual target?

> > ++ WWWIntranet
> > menu = Intranet Webserver
> > title = Intranet Webserver
> > host = intranet
> > 
> > +++ PROBE_CONF
> > ignore-cache = yes
> > force-revalidate = no
> > url = /
> > port = 80
> This should apply to the WWWIntranet branch like you seem to intend.
It now seems to, as stated above.

> > ++ WWWDev
> > menu = Dev Webserver
> > title = Development Webserver
> > host = localhost
> This inherits the WebServers branch variables (port = 8080, 
> url = http://www.comcare.gov.au  etc.)
Probably explains why it doesn't work.  How do I get it to inherit the same
port and url as Intranet?

Perhaps I should explain our network topology a little (some of this is
inherited and *not* the way I would have done it...)

We have a development webserver on our main development system.  It is used
to build the two production webservers and another secure server which I
haven't even tried to monitor yet.

The main Intranet webserver is on the same segment as the dev machine (see
my comments above re not-my-work...)  The main Comcare webserver is in the
DMZ and all access has to pass thru an internal and a DMZ proxy to get to
it.  The secure server is also in the DMZ.

I am FPinging our other main production systems (all on the same segment as
above!!) I am also monitoring the WAN links by FPinging routers and NT
servers in several remote locations.  I have yet to set up checking of our
internal and DMZ smtp servers (which will also be done with EchoPing.)

I also have a plan to monitor some external webservers that our staff
regularly utilise (have to trawl the proxy logs to find the likely

> > One other minor problem.  I have a host which is not in the 
> DNS and needs
> > pinging (with FPing).  When I include it's IP address as 
> the host variable
> > it is not probed.  Is there a way around this?  Do I need 
> to escape some of
> > the characters?
> This works for me, I don't think it's a quoting problem.

It wasn't.  After trying a couple of different quoting strategies yesterday,
I put it back to a simple IP address and it came to life all by itself.
Most disconcerting. :-)

Michael Lightfoot
SysIX Unix Systems Consulting
02 6258 8185
michael.lightfoot at canb.auug.org.au

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