[smokeping-users] Re: ANNOUCNE SmokePing 1.13 - Alerts feature

Marc Williams mw at uk.yahoo-inc.com
Thu Sep 12 02:14:54 MEST 2002

ok, i now have:

#mailhost = pop2.europe.yahoo.com
sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail

sendmail tested to work: (recieved email)

bash-2.05a$ /usr/sbin/sendmail mw at uk.yahoo-inc.com

but i dont get any alerts. What else can i look at?
Anyone else got this working?

Im using 1.14


Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Today Marc Williams wrote:
>>what does it use to send the email mail or sendmail? can i specify
>>My config looks good but not getting any alerts. (after changing the
>>route so i get packetloss to host)
>>I have syslog turned on with debug but nothing shows up in the log at
>>all. (even after a --restart so maybe the syslog is screwed)
>>from config i have:
>>mailhost = pop2.europe.yahoo.com
> when you set this, mrtg will try to use Net::SMTP for sending out
> the mails with the --email option ... (guess this is an
> inconsistancy :-) ... for other mails smokeping can presently only
> use sendmail (if you do not config its location with the sendmail
> config ariable it will assume sendmail to be located at
> /usr/lib/sendmail
> cheers
> tobi
>>*** Alerts ***
>>from = mw at uk.yahoo-inc.com
>>to = mw at uk.yahoo-inc.com
>>type = rtt
>>pattern = <119,<119,<119,>120,>120,>120
>>comment = high rtt
>>type = loss
>>pattern = ==0%,==0%,==0%,>5%,>5%,>5%
>>comment = packetloss has occured
>>menu = Demon Internet
>>title = Demon Internet
>>host =
>>alerts = packetloss

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