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Freddy Frouin freddy.frouin at fluxus.net
Thu Apr 24 17:11:14 MEST 2003

	Smokeping is configured and looks to run fine. Yet, I've a problem.
	I should have missed something in the configuration concept.

	You will find attached to this mail a sample of configuration, something
	very basic. I've declared some FPing targets and one EchoPingHttp
	target. The configuration looks to be good 'cause of the messages I've
	got throw the syslog deamon:

	Apr 24 16:50:08 orion smokeping[5975]: Launched successfully 
	Apr 24 16:50:08 orion smokeping[5975]: FPing: probing 4 targets 
	Apr 24 16:50:08 orion smokeping[5975]: EchoPingSmtp: probing 0 targets 
	Apr 24 16:50:08 orion smokeping[5975]: EchoPingHttp: probing 1 targets 
	Apr 24 16:50:08 orion smokeping[5975]: EchoPingHttps: probing 0 targets 

	Yet, when I go to see the measures results in the web Interface,
	the target which should be an HTTP one looks like an FPing output !?
	I've tried to stop the daemon, to remove the HTTP.rrd file and to restart
	the daemon to make sure the rrd database was initialized correctly, yet
	it did not solve my problem.

	I do not understand why, and I do not understand how to solve that ?

Thanks,			Freddy.

Freddy Frouin
Responsable Supervision
British Telecom / Fluxus
30, rue du Château des Rentiers
75013 Paris

Tél: +33 (0)1 44 97 70 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 97 70 07

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