[smokeping-users] problem with twist smokeping configuration file

Jing Shen laojing at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 10:00:32 MET 2003


I'm trying to integrate several smokeping monitoring
result into one cgi page by integrateing their
configuration file. 

It's asked to monitor a group remote server with 
different packet size. To realize this, I set up four
seperate smokeping process. The first one 'fping'
remote hosts with four packets of 64bytes, the second
uses three packets of 128 bytes, the third uses 2
packets of 512 bytes while the fourth uses 1 packets
of 1024 bytes. I set up a overview configuration file
named all.conf by combining content of the three
configuration files. The smokeping cgi program is
setup to refernce all.conf to generate graphing

Now I can view overview graph of ping result for each
host. But, if I want to view detailed graph by
clicking on overview graph it will be shown 
No DS called 'ping4' in
No DS called 'ping4' in



I can make the cgi generate detailed graph for results
using 64, 128,512 by setting pings =2 in all.conf, but
problem persist with 1024bytes result. And, if I
change pings=1 , the cgi shows "

Illegal division by zero at
/home/joe/bin/netmon/lib/Smokeping.pm line 493.


How could I do with this problem ?

Thanks in advance!

Jing Shen

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