[smokeping-users] Re: Monitoring remote links

Drew Gibson drew.gibson at telecomcomputer.com
Mon Feb 3 17:28:47 MET 2003

I don't think you can ping through SSH.

If you have SSH access to both sites, then use EchoPingHttp to ping B 
(through SSH to C) from C, and ping C (through SSH to B) from B.

This will allow for failure of A-B or A-C and still monitor B-C from A. 
(but if A fails completely...too bad!)



Brendon Caligari wrote:

>My scenario:
>I am at location A.   I monitor the links to two different locations, B
>& C, a few public sites (for completeness sake).  However, the most
>important connectivity is between B & C.
>The logical approach would be to install SmokePING at B or C or both,
>but that is not amongst my options.
>I could somehow fake an fping to ssh an fping to B and get the results
>of an fping from B->C.
>However, if the link A->B is down, then I am in trouble regardless
>because I'll loose the B->C data in the interim.
>Is there a way to schedule the B->C fpings independently, timestamp
>them, and somehow inject them into smokeping?  But wouldn't that require
>somkeping and smokeping.cgi read different configuration files???
>Any suggestions?
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