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Jim Horwath jhorwath at agere.com
Tue Jan 28 15:41:51 MET 2003


I do this very thing.  This has been something I was going to suggest to 
Tobi for Smokeping.  Here is what I do.  Everytime an alert comes 
through I send an email alert out to the Operations Center and to WAN 
Engineers.  The same mailing script also concatinates all the messages 
for a day into a file which I process the next day.  The next day I 
create a real, honest to goodness Excel spreadsheet to the same audience 
of the prior day's activities.  It is pretty darn simple to do, and best 
of all I send said data in an Excel spreadsheet.  Since the data is in 
Excel it looks very polished, professional and the suits believe it a 
whole lot more than if I only sent the data in a text file.  At the 
conclusion of the month I send a prior month summary to everyone.  

Here is what you need.  There are two Perl modules you need to install 
on your system to create Excel Spread sheets. Then creation and mailing 
of the data is trivial.


Dan McGinn-Combs wrote:

>I've got Smokeping running and watching my network for me.
>However, the only way to view the data is to VPN into my local network
>and watch the web pages.
>The alerts feature is GREAT in that alerts mail me when something is
>up/down/slow. I would like to expand on this feature and have Smokeping
>mail me an overnight daily summary of the graphs. This would be helpful
>in knowing, for example, the kind of day I'll be facing in the morning!
>Has anyone any good ideas on how to do that, or has anyone done that
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>Dan McGinn-Combs
>dan.mcginn-combs at geac.com
>Atlanta, Georgia
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