[smokeping-users] Loss values in rrd

Edson Manners emanners at realprod.acns.fsu.edu
Fri Nov 7 20:50:49 MET 2003

Did you ever get an answer to this?

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Hi Tobi

Can u please tell me how can i store absolute loss in the rrd's of 
smokeping instead of the average loss for a particular sample of pings 
which is stored here.
1045226400: nan 9.3333333333e-01 5.5770533333e-01 5.2717600000e-01 
5.2975066667e-01 5.3167266667e-01 5.3310866667e-01 5.4013600000e-01 
5.4086000000e-01 5.4166800000e-01 5.4320866667e-01 5.4799200000e-01 
5.5765866667e-01 5.5036000000e-01 5.5986666667e-01 5.6321933333e-01 
5.6855800000e-01 5.7563866667e-01 5.9634400000e-01 6.2447133333e-01 
6.5556133333e-01 6.6326200000e-01 7.4157400000e-01
In above example even when no packet is lost, its showing a loss of 9.333%.

I assume that i have to change some code in Smokeping.pm. When update 
rrd is called this code is there.
         RRDs::update ( $name.".rrd",
                           '--template',(join ":", "uptime", "loss", 
"median", map { "ping${_}" } 1..($cfg->{Database}{pings})),
I am printing $probes and its showing as follows
        print $probes->{$probe}->rrdupdate_string($tree),"\n";


This clearly shows that loss is 1 out of 20 packets.

Conclusion is while loss is returned as an absolute figure, its stored 
as some average(due to some interpolation.)
Please tell me the code where i need to change in order to store 
absolute figure for loss in rrd instead of interpolated value.

Hoping for a favourable response.

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