[smokeping-users] Re: EMail Aliases for Alerts

Dan McGinn-Combs Dan.McGinn-Combs at Geac.com
Wed Oct 22 00:06:05 MEST 2003

Of course, there are three alert notification mechanisms in Smokeping...

1) using SENDMAIL to send a message to a user. The way you configure it
to use this method is to NOT use a smarthost in the config file.

2) using NET::Smtp to send a message to a user. The way you configure it
to use this method is to PUT a smarthost in the config file.

3) calling your own script. You configure this by putting the pipe
symbol in front of your "TO" address in the config file. The script can
then do anything you want (or can script!).

As you can see, the only mechanism that would use a sendmail
Distribution list would be the first one. Also note that in the config
parser (get_parser), the contact is error checked by a regex that
requires the format "name at place.domain". You must change this to use a
single word as the TO: format.


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If I have a sendmail distribution list such as "netmanagers" which
contains a few email addresses, what is the syntax for the "To:" field
if I want to use this list instead of a single email address?

"To: netmanagers" doesn't work. 

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