[smokeping-users] Re: NEWBIE

David René Soriano Granillo dsoriano at gbnet.cc
Mon Feb 2 18:22:48 MET 2004

Arnold Nipper wrote:

>>In your config file you have something like
>>  cgiurl = http://some.url.cc
>>what happens if you visit http://some.url.cc?
I can view my index page at the web server (by the way, it´s the same 

>>In your config file you have something like
>>  datadir = /path/to/data
>>Does this directory get populated?
>>Check each of the .rrd files in $datadir if there is data in.
No it doesn´t, the directory that I specified in the config file is empty

This is what I have in my config file:

*** General ***
owner    = David R. Soriano Granillo
contact  = nene at sal.gbnet.cc
mailhost = sal.gbnet.cc
sendmail = /usr/lib/sendmail
imgcache = /home/oetiker/public_html/.simg
imgurl   = ../.simg
datadir  = /var/smokeping-1.25/dist/var
piddir  = /var/smokeping-1.25/dist/var
cgiurl   =
smokemail = /var/smokeping-1.25/etc/smokemail
# specify this to get syslog logging
# syslogfacility = local0

And here I specified the target that I want to make the round trip test


menu = DNS
title = Prueba
host =

Do I forget anything else ??????

On 02.02.2004 15:57 David René Soriano Granillo wrote:

Hi everyone, I´m a Newbie and this is my first time I write to this 
list, recentlly I´d installed Smokeping on my Red Hat 7.2 system, I 
followed all the instructions that web site mentioned, edited all the 
.dist files but I don´t know what to do next.

I run the deamon with ./smokeping command but nothing happens, the 
prompt doesn´t appear anymore and I don´t get any .cgi files.

Can anyone help me and give me a big hand......

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