[smokeping-users] $bytes variable not used in telnetIOSPing.pm ...?

Paul Wulff paul.wulff at ap.marconi.com
Thu Jan 22 08:34:07 MET 2004

Hi All,
Not sure if this has been noted before, but I've noticed what seems to be an
error in telnetIOSPing probe (telnetIOSPing.pm) that would cause any packet
size defined in your config to be ignored, and the default CISCO ping size
of 100 bytes being used. I noticed this error as I had defined a larger
packetsize of 1470 bytes yet it made no difference to the response times,
which should not be the case.
I am using SmokePing 1.25.
Please correct me if I am wrong!!
sub pingone ($$){
    my $bytes = $self->{properties}{packetsize} || 56;        <-----
packetsize variable found in /etc/config is defined, if no definition
default to 56 bytes (standard ping)
     $telnet->waitfor('/Datagram size \[100\]: $/');
<----- this should read $bytes instead of a nil value of ""
Examination of the original IOSping.pm you can see the $bytes variable is
    # Datagram size [100]:
    print { $inh } $bytes,"\n";
<----- this should work correctly with the defined packetsize variable

Thus, I have *corrected* the original telnetIOSProbe.pm file to read ...
     $telnet->waitfor('/Datagram size \[100\]: $/');
... which now appears to be giving the results that I expect to see from a
larger packet size.
Is this a known error? Or am I at fault here somehow?!


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