[smokeping-users] Re: spreading checks and target "aliasing"

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Jun 8 22:45:49 MEST 2004

Hi Sebastien,

> Smokeping seems to put quite a network load on my server
> as Nagios (on the same machine) regularly fires false
> alerts (mainly high response times, no packet loss). I wonder
> whether smokeping could spread checks a little to smooth
> the load ? (~100 fping targets). I've tried the per-probe
> 'forks' option, but I always see in the process list a *big*
> fping with all my targets in one *big* command line :)))

there is no spreading as such, but you can change the fping
parameters to make it less agressive ...

> Next, I wonder whether there's a clean way to have a target
> in two places in the config (tested only once, of course), in
> order to have an isp-centric view for the noc, and a
> customer-centric view for sales reps ?

there is not such featuere at this point in time I am afraid ...
sponsors welcome ...


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