[smokeping-users] RemoteFPing Config

James Baldwin jbaldwin at antinode.net
Fri Jun 25 10:06:55 MEST 2004

I'm having trouble configuring smokeping to utilize RemoteFPing from 
multiple source addresses. I'm fairly certain this is just my 
misunderstanding how the config file is parsed rather than any inherent 
problems with the tools.

The environment I'm setting this up in is a multihomed wide area 
network. I am wishing to setup smokeping on a central monitoring host 
and have it measure latency between each gateway and our uplink, as 
well as measure latency between our vpn endpoints.

I am attempting to configure smokeping to measure from to and to measure from to

However, my config is yielding interesting results. smokeping --debug 
shows me that the RemoteFPing is using the line

RemoteFPing: query=/usr/bin/ssh -1 -l monitor 
/usr/local/sbin/fping -b1024 -C 20 -q -B1 -i10 -r1

This appears to be incorrect as I was expecting something more similar 

ssh -1 -l monitor /usr/local/sbin/fping -b1024 -C 20 -q -B1 
-i10 -r1


ssh -1 -l monitor /usr/local/sbin/fping -b1024 -C 20 -q -B1 
-i10 -r1

Any help?

The targets section of my config reads:

probe = RemoteFPing
menu = Overview
title = Network Overview

ruser = monitor
rbinary = /usr/local/sbin/fping

menu = Global
title = Global Network

menu = Local
title = Local Network

rhost =

menu = local uplink
title = Local gateway to uplink
host =

menu = Remote
title = Remote Network

rhost =

menu = remote uplink
title = remote gateway to uplink
host =

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