[smokeping-users] Re: transit time measurement tool needed

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Fri Oct 1 21:20:16 MEST 2004

Burkhard Kaas writes:
> we want to monitor packet transit time and packet loss rate. Packet
> round trip time (RTT) and ping loss rate are not sufficient for us,
> because we don't see which direction causes variations in RTT and
> packet losses.

> Does anyone know about tools do do this? I know about the problems
> with accurate time synchronization, we have GPS time sync with
> accuracy better than 100us available. It would be perfect to view
> the results with smokeping.

I know several systems that measure one-way delay and loss.  As you
say, one-way delay requires synchronisation (one-way loss is easy
though).  Both require special software at both ends.

rude/crude - http://rude.sourceforge.net/

        Simple command-line tools to send and receive UDP packets.

        The sender generates packets with timestamps, according to
        either a rate/size, or a script with packet sizes and relative

        The receiver generates a log file including sender timestamps
        (from the packets) and receiver timestamps, which you could
        then use to feed something like SmokePing.

        It shouldn't be too difficult to build a system based on this

OWAMP - http://e2epi.internet2.edu/owamp/

        Something like rude/crude, but running as a daemon with some
        signaling mechanism to initiate measurements.  I don't
        personally have any experience with this.

RIPE TTM - http://www.ripe.net/test-traffic/

	An entire network of systems running one-way delay and loss
	measurements (and traceroutes).  You can order one or several
	boxes and have RIPE NCC run them for a fee.  Measurement data
	is processed centrally in Amsterdam, with useful analyses,
	nice graphical representations, and good query (and on-demand
	graphing) options.  Normally all measurements from all boxes
	is publicly accessible.

I'm sure there are others.

Hope this helps,

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