[smokeping-users] Re: smokeping won't run (repost)

Dan McGinn-Combs Dan.McGinn-Combs at Geac.com
Wed Oct 13 21:16:20 MEST 2004

Hmmmm... not that I'm an expert by any means, but apparently the value
of "pingfactor" is set based on the results of pinging localhost in
"new()" above where you've cut:

my $return = `$self->{properties}{binary} -C 1 localhost 2>&1`;
croak "ERROR: FPing must be installed setuid root or it will not work\n"

      if $return =~ m/only.+root/;
      if ($return =~ m/bytes, ([0-9.]+)\sms\s+.*\n.*\n.*:\s+([0-9.]+)/){
            $self->{pingfactor} = 1000 * $2/$1;

This would lead me to believe that your fping isn't doing what it
should. I've never had good luck with the one in the OpenBSD ports
collection. I generally download the modified one from Tobias' website
and compile it locally.

Your logs show an error right after announcing fping... here is a cut
from my logs at the same point in startup:
Oct 13 07:33:58 atl-smoketoo smokeping[5447]: Launched successfully
Oct 13 07:33:58 atl-smoketoo smokeping[5447]: FPing: probing 74 targets

The next line is a warning about taking too long to complete one round.
Based on these two things, I'd say we've found your problem!

One other thing. I notice that your syslog exerpt says that you are
launching "smokeping.cgi" rather than "smokeping." These are actually
two different things.

The smokeping binary is used to collect the data and manage the RRD
Files. The smokeping.cgi file extracts data, builds the graphs and shows
the web pages. If you are executing the smokeping.cgi to startup
smokeping, it'll fall over for sure.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Hessler [mailto:phessler at theapt.org]
> Now syslog says:
> ...
> Oct 13 09:12:09 gir smokeping.cgi[24188]: Launched successfully
> Oct 13 09:12:09 gir smokeping.cgi[24188]: FPing: probing 3 targets
> Oct 13 09:12:29 gir smokeping.cgi[24188]: Illegal division by zero at
> /usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/probes/FPing.pm line 106, <GEN2>
> 1.
> ...
> Line 106 says """@times = map {sprintf "%.10e", $_ /
> sort{$a <=> $b} grep /^\d/, @times;"""
> I don't know perl, so I don't know how to fix it.  But it looks like
> "$self->{pingfactor}" got broken somehow.

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