[smokeping-users] small patch to let configure fping source IP

Cougar cougar at random.ee
Thu Apr 7 21:48:14 MEST 2005


I patched fping so that it is possible to use any configured IP as a 
source address using -I like ping has. To use it wit smokeping I made some 
small changes in smokeping (FPing module) also.

both fping and smokeping patches are available here:


With this patch you can use variable "source" in FPing probe config.

One idea what would be even more useful is to have possibility to add this 
variable inside target. This way it would be possible to use probe that is 
connected with different nets, to test all of them separately. But is is 
not a easy task as all targets that use different source should be pinged 
separately and it means bigger rewrite. Something like this:

++ ISP1
menu = ISP1
title = ISP1
source =

+++ Google
menu = Google
title = Google
host = www.google.com

++ ISP2
menu = ISP2
title = ISP2
source =

+++ Google
menu = Google
title = Google
host = www.google.com

Another and even nicer way would be to rewrite probe config parser so that 
you can define different probe names that use the same probe module but 
use different options for instance. Something like this:

*** Probes ***

+ FPing
binary = /usr/sbin/fping

++ FPingISP1
source =

++ FPingISP2
source =

Or something similar.

Currenlty I have two different probe modules for that (the same module 
with two different names in lib directory) and it does the job but its not 
very nice.


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