[smokeping-users] Securing telnetIOSPing

Tony.Cetera at thomson.com Tony.Cetera at thomson.com
Fri Apr 15 21:48:15 MEST 2005

Hopefully helpful to some...

I was having trouble with the reliability if the CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP so I switched all my probes to the telnetIOSPing probe.  However, it seems that IOS no longer supports extended pings in privilege level 5.  I had to configure a user with privilege level 15 to use telnetIOSPing.  In order to make this more secure I did the following:

access-list 2 permit x.x.x.x  <-- IP of smokeping host

line vty 5 15
access-class 2 in

username smokeping privilege 15 password somepassword
username smokeping autocommand ping


To get telnetIOSPing to work with the "autocommand ping" option I needed to modify telnetIOSPing.pm with the following changes:

(diff script output below from: # diff -e telnetIOSPing.pm AutoTelnetIOSPing.pm)

#     $telnet->print("quit");
#     $telnet->prompt('/[\@\w\-\.]+[>#][ ]*$/');
#     $telnet->waitfor('/[\@\w\-\.]+[>#][ ]*$/');
#     $telnet->print("terminal length 0");
#     $telnet->waitfor('/[\@\w\-\.]+[>#][ ]*$/');
#     $telnet->print("ping");
 + AutoTelnetIOSPing
probes::AutoTelnetIOSPing - Cisco IOS Probe for SmokePing
package probes::AutoTelnetIOSPing;

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