[smokeping-users] Re: SmokePing 2.0rc5, RRDtool 1.2.11 and UTF-8

Leos Bitto smokeping at leos.cz
Sun Aug 14 23:29:06 MEST 2005


thanks for your hint. Apache really did not propagate the environment 
variable LANG. First, Red Hat resets LANG to C in 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd, and second, they do not pass LANG to any CGI 
script by default (I wrote a simple CGI script to prove this). As soon 
as I added "SetEnv LANG en_US.UTF-8" to Apache's configuration (to the 
appropriate .htaccess file, surrounded by <Files "smokeping.cgi"> and 
</Files>), everything started to work fine.

I know that although UTF-8 is not anything new, there are still many 
places which are not quite ready for it. WWW archive of this conference 
is one of them, for example. I thought that RRDtool might be another 
one, now I am sorry for not trusting you enough. ;-)

I still prefer using UTF-8, which seems to be a final solution, over 
some one-time hacks. Erich - the HTML entities are a nice try, but they 
do not work for me. There are entities for the ISO-8859-1 AFAIK, but I 
need at least ISO-8859-2, preferably even full UTF-8. Hacking RRDtool to 
understand them is a work which can be easily avoided by using the 
appropriate value for the environment variable LANG, combined with the 
appropriate charset=... in smokeping's configuration file.


Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Erich,
> I don't know why you would want to use html entities, if you work
> in an UTF-8 environment, all should be well. I am not working in
> such an environment though, therefore I can not tell for sure if
> everything works, if it does not, it is a bug. HTML entities should
> not be necessary ... one hurdle might be that apache does not
> propagate the LANG or LC_* settings to the smokeping cgi, one would
> have to set this explicitly with setlocale from the POSIX package.
> cheers
> tobi
>>Tobias Oetiker wrote:
>>>note that rrdtool falls back to iso-latin1 as soon as it finds
>>>problems with the utf8 conversion ...
>>Is there a simpler way than using html entities?

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