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Marc Powell marc at ena.com
Thu Jan 13 19:19:39 MET 2005

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> smokeping-users,
>   I want to smokeping my servers through 2 different isp's.
>   My smokeping machine has access to 2 different internetconnections.
>   How can i setup smokeping that it uses the 2 connections to monitor
>   my servers ?
>   I want to see server1 pinged through isp1
>   and server1 pinged through isp2

You can't, at least not in a practical manner that I am aware of. This
is basic routing. The OS that Smokeping is running under will use
whatever route is the closest (least 'costly') or most specific to reach
the destination host. In most cases that will be the default route. The
next hop in the chain will use the same logic, using the closest or most
specific route to reach the destination IP and so on until it gets
there. Since the destination is the same all the time the path will be
the same every time unless there is some external factor that makes a
step in the path more or less costly than before or a more specific
route becomes available. In short, you would have to modify the routes
on the router closest to Smokeping that has both connections physically
connected to it to preference one path, then the other in real time for
each ping attempt.


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