[smokeping-users] Forks & monitoring data reliability

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Jun 6 04:30:29 MEST 2005


I use smokeping to monitor our DNS server service
quality. I set up smokeping to query 4 domain names
every 5 minutes, in which 20 queries are executed
consequently. The configuration file looks alike:

*** Database ***

step     = 300
pings    = 20

+ DNS 

binary = /usr/local/bin/dig
forks = 40
timeout = 10

*** Targets ***

probe = DNS


I found that the result of monitoring result degrade
apparentaly ( packet loss shown on the graph) after I
add four testing items ( target with host option). The
total number of target with host option is  45.

What confused me is :

1. If I set forks=80, would somkeping probe each host
with seperate process ? Could this way remove
sideeffect of sequent probing?

2. How to set up timeout value to reach most reliable
probing data set?




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