[smokeping-users] Avoiding "multiple" probe module defination / 100% packet loss colour?

Sam Stickland sam_ml at spacething.org
Fri Jun 24 16:57:00 MEST 2005


We're starting to use rather a lot of RemoteFPing probes. In order to do 
this with different remote hosts we are having to create a lot of modules 
on disk, where the only difference is the filename and the package name.

Is there some way to avoid this, where I can prehaps create a new probe in 
the config file, without having to create a new one on disk.

I assume that we'd have to separate the probe reference name from the 
module name.


++ MyProbe
probetype = RemoteFPing
rhost = x.y.z.w

++ MyOtherProbe
probetype = RemoteFPing
rhost = a.b.c.d

etc. Is this feasible, or would this require too much of a change?

Also, periods of 100% packet loss aren't coloured on the graphs. This 
makes it impossible to see where the difference between 100% loss and 
simply "no data". I realise there won't be an average pingtime for periods 
100% loss, so perhaps we could graph the red line at zero, or the previous 
recorded average?

This would make it possible to view long outages see on the graphs.


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